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Finding Peace Beyond the Pain – Debbie’s Online TV Talk Show and Podcast


Guest Appearances on YouTube/Podcast/Radio Show/Television Show

Here are a few of the episodes where I’ve been a guest-

• Lisa Drennon, “Forgiving the Girl Inside: A Matter of the Heart”: Topic: “Amidst the Tears with Debbie Gail Zane” Podcast and YouTube May 5, 2022

• Kornelia Stephanie Show: Stories that Inspire Hope with Kornelia Stephanie and Friends May 6, 2022 and :

• Amplifying Voices Fundraising Event – July 19, 2022

• STARS (Survivors Telling Awe-inspiring Remarkable Stories) fundraising event hosted by Victoria Cuore – July 22, 2022

• James Lumumba, Don’t be afraid to “Talk” podcast: Topic: “The Love and Loss of My Son to Mental Illness and Addiction” August 7, 2022

• Anna Davidson: Your Freedom Podcast, Topic: “Losing a Child to Mental Illness and Addiction” – August 22, 2022

• Dave Campbell Podcast: Living the Next Chapter Podcast – connecting authors and audiences one podcast at a time July 1, 2023 Rebuilding After the Loss of Her Son, Finding Joy Through the Tears Episode 221

• Victoria Cuore A Contagious Smile Podcast – “Debbie Zane Launches Her New Book” May 9, 2023

• On Trend Tina, Your Backup Plan:

“Losing Your Child to Mental Illness and Addiction” YouTube April 18, 2022 and Podcast May 25, 2022

“Secrets of Mental Illness – Debbie’s Inspiring Battle for Her Son’s Life” YouTube May 18, 2023 and Podcast July 4, 2023

“Shattered Dreams: A Mother-Daughter Conversation on Schizophrenia and Addiction” YouTube October 12, 2023 and Podcast (coming soon)

• Thriving Women’s Network Inc. Television

Guest on Bookish Talk May 12, 2023 Season 3-Episode 16

Guest on Uncomfortable Conversations October 25, 2023 Season 4

• WAMV Radio interview – January 2024

• Tony Lynch Grief Let’s Talk About It – February 17 2024

Megan Rose Remember Your Roots – February 2024

Priscilla Hanley Resiliency of the Human Spirit- February 27, 2024–With-Debbie-Gail-Zane-e2fld7h

Lisa Marie Heacock Because We Love Podcast – March 5, 2024

Cheri Dixon Confident, Courageous, and Clear online talk show – March 27, 2024

Lisa Helton The Trusted Friend Podcast – April 2, 2024

More podcasts coming soon 2024

Book Signing Events

• Book signing at Barnes and Noble bookstore in Fredericksburg, VA on September 2, 2023

• DC Bookstars signing author at MGM National Harbor on October 7, 2023

• Book signing at Barnes and Noble bookstore in Fredericksburg, VA on May 18, 2024

2024 events coming soon